I trip, I drop, I stumble, I fall.

The weather attacks me

With no guilt at all.

My skin is burned,

My hair is a mess.

My silk gets stuck

To the sweat on my chest.

But then I look up,

And imagine the crowd,

The crowd stands before me,

Cheering and wow-ed.

With flag in my hand

And heart on my sleeve,

My sheer dedication

Has no reason to grieve.

I stand with my drum corps

Proudly and strong.

With family around me,

Nothing goes wrong.

Fans scream our name,

They chant only for us.

We perform with dignity

Until we get on the bus.

Onward we go,

To rehearse one more day.

This show is our life,

Nothing gets in our way.

We fight, we push, we work hard, we crawl.

Together we stand and get through it all.


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