She doesn’t see what I see

A life so full and sweet

Her heart is always mourning

She’s staring at her feet.


The gifts I give are plenty

So pure and bountiful

But what I see as lovely

She sees as dark and dull.


I always stay by her side

I’m reaching for her hand

But when I think she’ll take it

She shouts a reprimand.


She asks me why she has none

And tells me I’m not near

But when I try to reach her

She only sheds a tear.


I strongly wish for her heart

For her to call me Lord

But she won’t open her eyes

The way she did before.


When she was young and reckless

She knew her heart was whole

Her trust in me was steadfast

Until she lost control.


I told her not to worry

That it would be okay

Her anxiousness took over

Her trust had flown away.


Since then I’ve fought to keep her

To show her I’m the way

Her stubbornness may linger

Until her dying day.


But I refuse to give up

Regardless of the pain

My grace for her is endless

Her heart can love again.



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