I was baptized on September 25, 2016. I wrote this to God to praise Him for the work He has done in my life and to declare that Jesus is Lord.
You were with me all along.
You knew of every struggle and every strife.
You waited patiently as I turned away from You constantly,
and You held my hand as I wandered through the darkness.
I had no idea you were there.
My senses were numbed by my sin,
But You shocked me with Your relentless love,
And blood flowed through my body once again.
My heart was once cold and rigid but now beats with a lively spirit;
It changes everyday as I grow closer to you.
How can it be that I am worthy of Your grace?
There can never be a truth so good, so lovely.
I owe You my whole life, Lord.
Today, I am honoring you
And all You have done for me.
Today, I will bathe in your Holy Water and dedicate my life to you.
May all that I do be in Your will. Thank you so very much, Lord. Amen.

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