I decided to play with the five senses in my writing. The incorporation of not only sight and sound, but taste, touch, and smell, allows the readers to fully experience the scene the speaker stands in. Enjoy!

I sit on the back porch overlooking the shoreline of a lake surrounded by hills full of trees. As the golden sun sets over the lake, the sky bleeds with hues of orange and pink. The water in the pond has a stillness that not even a statue could imitate, and the leaves radiate colors of deep brown, crimson, and yellow. My nose and cheeks have turned a slight shade of pink from the cool, crisp air. A mug of fresh coffee warms my left hand as I pet the dog cuddling beside me with my right. I take a deep breath in through my nose. The scent of burning hickory combines with wafts of cinnamon and nutmeg leaking through my kitchen window. The scents smell warm, but the air feels cold against my nostrils. I sip my coffee. It tastes bitter, with a hint of sweet hazelnut. I can feel the hot liquid dripping down my throat, warming me from the inside out.

I stand up and walk along the edge of the lake. The leaves and twigs crunch under my boots, and I hear the dog’s collar jingle beside me. She rubs up against the side of my jeans and I crouch down to hug her. Leaves and twigs are tangled in her fur, but she still has a gentle softness. I stand up and notice that the sun is getting closer to the horizon. Shades of deep blue and purple begin to take over, and the pinks and oranges gradually weaken. The stars start to glimmer subtly one by one. I walk towards my cabin and see a warm glow through the windows. Inside my family gathers around the dinner table. I step inside and blood starts to rush back to my fingertips and my toes. While I take in the joy radiating within the room, I slip off my boots and remove my hat and scarf. My grandmother greets me and gives me a hug. I steadfastly return her embrace.

The dining room is filled with golden light. There is a long rectangular table set with plates, forks, and knives. I see the dinner spread on the table, and notice that I had been starving. On the table lays hot rolls, seasoned vegetables, oven-roasted turkey, brown gravy, and my favorite, sweet potatoes. Every scent of the meal dances before my nose. The family gathers around the table and my father says grace:

“Gracious, heavenly father, we just thank you for today and all that you have done for us. Please bless our food as we enjoy this holiday meal. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to all be together. In Your name, Amen.”


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